It's Looking a Lot Like Family & Friends .. This Holiday Season

This holiday season may be one of the most melancholy seasons we may have had in a very long time. This holiday season's trend is "Abundantly Grateful." There isn't anything we can not be grateful for. Let's do something a little different as we sit around the dinner table, telephone call or zoom our love ones as we partake in the traditional or non-traditional meal.

Let's tell the funny stories of the ones we lost during this uncertain time of the COVID19 era. As we decorate, mail out holiday cards, prepare meals and shop in laughter or frustration, let us be more consciously aware how abundantly grateful we all should be that we are on this side of life, to hug, disagree, love and forgive.

Remember, the days are passing so fast and it takes just a moment for the persons we like, love, care for or not one moment to vanish from our grip of seeing them smile, hearing their laughter or smelling their scent.

Today, we are alive and we live in Love. Today we live in compassion and forgiveness.

Please have an Abundantly Grateful and Safe Holiday Season - Christina L Turner, Creative Director

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