Wedding and Event Planner, Christina L T


I am Christina the Creative Director for Alsace of New York Events and Design. I have been in the wedding and event industry since 1994. I love everything related to beauty. I became a planner as part of a previous career with the New York State Assembly. Having such a great opportunity there, my entrepreneurial spirit  kicked in and carried me into planning events for non-profits, friends and wonderful people like you around the world. 

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My Story

Once upon a time...

Just kidding! As you can see, I have somewhat of a sense of humor.  Creating great celebrations with happy people makes each event more spectacular. 

I am a certified wedding and event planner--designer. I created the Rose Soufflé Chandelier, triple draping, Alsace Wedding Planner Master Class and designed crystal chandelier table top pieces. Creating original pieces is what I believe add a personal signature to your celebration. Who doesn't want to be different? My signature events such as The Sexy Hot Red Affair, an event for couples and singles, Connecting Fashion Worlds for fashion industry professionals to raise money for charities, are just a few of my favorite events I love to host.  I have planned weddings and events in beautiful places such as Paris, London, the Caribbean, Dubai and many other wonderful places in the US. As your curator of luxury for your wedding or event, you will have an expert, a trend setter, with years of successful planning and design. 

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