Covid-19 Policy

    Covid-19 Policies and Precautions


As of March 15, 2020, we understand how uncertain times are ahead of us, and we will continue to be a resource to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and our vendor partnerships.


We will stay on top of the consistent changing mandates regarding COVID-19.  We appreciate your continued trust and patience with us as we navigate through this challenging time together.


Below please find a specific update as it pertains to the actions our team and partners will take both in advance and onsite at events. While we cannot guarantee the absolute safety and health of you, your guests, and vendors, we are trying our best to make recommendations and steps towards maintaining healthy and safe policies and CDC recommendations.



Please familiarize yourself with all CDC, State & Local guidelines and requirements for face coverings, occupancy limits, social distancing, and precautions



Please note, the most up to date recommendations on the CDC website. This is your first resource to consider for making your event or wedding safer.



The link below has state and local guidelines for the most up to date information for your event or wedding.




Post signage at the entrance that states that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the establishment. Post signage to provide public health reminders regarding physical distancing, gatherings, options for high-risk individuals, and staying home if sick. Social gatherings should be limited to 50% occupancy of the event space, if applicable or 250 participants, whichever is less.(Request for venues to notify determine occupancy standards) Limit the occupancy of spaces to ensure that six feet of physical distance can be maintained between all organizers, staff, volunteers, and attendees who are not members of the same household. Reconfigure seating areas to allow six feet of physical distance between individuals by eliminating or closing select tables or seating areas, or by spreading them out to allow for adequate spacing Where applicable, install visible markers for que lines that separate people by six feet of physical distance. Provide physical guides to seating areas including floor decals, colored tape, or signs to indicate where attendees should not sit, stand, or congregate. Designate a coordinator who will be responsible for identifying COVID-19 related issues and their impact on the gathering, including coordinating health preparedness for the event and emergency response planning Please note this person cannot be an employee of Alsace Events and design. Please double check the CDC site, for updated changes.




Facilitate the hiring of vendors or provide vendor recommendations for COVID-19 health specific services needed for your event,

Provide a supply list and safety items for guests related to the safety guidelines of COVID-19 (hand sanitizer, mask, gloves)


Coordinate with the venue and vendor to place signage communicating safety guidelines.


Assist with finalizing layouts for seating and staging while adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Provide you with COVID-19 safety guidelines for your guests prior to your event.





Please refrain from hugs and handshakes with guests and staff. Each staff member will be equipped with a hip or fanny pack stocked with sani-wipes, hand sanitizers, and personal mask. If staff members or immediate family members feel ill or have a fever, DO NOT report to work.


Staff will always wear mask on worksite. No Exceptions. Staff will maintain social distance between other working crew, vendors, and guest. We request DJ’s or Bandleader to maintain the flow of the event. We can only guarantee safety measures for setup and breakdown assistance and maintain social distancing throughout the event.



Alsace Events and Design require COVID-19 standard guidelines for safety in correlation to the CDC to be followed as we participate in your event/wedding.  A statement of understanding regarding COVID-19 and safety measures will be given and signed by each staff member and vendor and kept on file.


Please prepare venue to have onsite housekeeping, with sanitizing key areas such as high-touch areas with disinfectant. Please notify us if unable to provide sanitizing services, to outsource the service via our preferred vendors.



 Designate a staff member to review COVID-19 related issues and coordinate with your staff safety precautions for urgent and emergency situations. Below is a list we ask for your responsibility as we work on your site:


Acquire safety signage, as required by CDC.

Provide spacing guides in high traffic areas such as the dance floor, bars, restrooms, and other areas of the venue.



PRE-ARRIVAL COMMUNICATION: Please post any changes regarding COVID 19 safety measures on website, mail and send emails to keep guest informed.



Social Distancing Seating

Live Streaming Services for guests unable to attend.

Provide Ushers for seating

Assigned seating for groups by creating seating pods or dividers for seating stations Only the honorary guest e.g. groom and bride with officiant at the front (wedding ceremony) whereas everyone is seated or standing at a reasonable distance.


Secure additional servers to pass hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Ask caterer to provide fewer items per tray or pre-packaged hors d’oeuvres.

Add more bars with plexiglass shields or spread out bars to eliminate crowding.

No receiving lines. Hand sanitizing stations.



Certain states are requiring specific layout and social distancing measures a layout with tables 6 feet apart.


Please refer to and apply safety regulations in your state.

Consider our recommendation of smaller guest tables of 4-6 or cluster seating assignments.


We recommend plated dinner, if the current menu is food station style using disposable plates and utensils. If the menu remains station style, guests will be served by table to eliminate lines/crowding and avoid guests touching serving utensils. If space permits, we will increase the dance floor footprint.


Customized masks will add a nice touch to your event/wedding by adding your signature brand. Custom mask can be used as a party favor for your guest.


Mask are required during dancing and up-close interaction.


Hand sanitizer stations will be strategically placed specifically in high traffic areas.


Cake Cutting

Cake cutting is with a fake cake that is not served to guests, since they will not be wearing a mask or gloves when cutting. Forgo the formal send off at the end of the night where guests often crowd each other.



Current Mandate for Staff and Vendors:

  1. Each staff member and vendors on-site will be required to have temperature taken before entering worksite.

  2. All staff members and vendors are to wear a face mask and gloves while on worksite regardless if exiting the building.

  3. Staff members and vendors are to maintain limited social distancing for building and design purposes and refrain from excessive speaking unless its task related.

  4. Staff members and vendors will sanitize and or wash hand when moving from one workstation to another.

  5. All staff members and vendors will be assigned a designated workstation to complete task before moving to another assignment.

  6. If by any reason while working on-site and any Staff member or vendor feel ill, they are to immediately remove themselves from the premises and notify Creative Director Christina L Turner via text the reason for their departure and seek medical attention.

  7. No one is to be on location of worksite unless they are part of the staff or vendor team (no exceptions)

  8. Each Staff member and vendor must be on the list to be accepted onto the worksite. If name is not on the list, there will be no admittance unto the worksite. No exceptions.

  9. If any Staff member or vendor is ill with nausea, headache, vomiting, fever, loose stool, coughing, or body aches are not allowed to be on worksite.

  10. If any Staff member or vendor knowingly come to worksite ill and others become ill, legal actions may be taken against you.




We ask that you will please sign and date our policies and procedures and COVID-19 safety guidelines.